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Make Your Brand Unique

If you own a retail or other commercial space, you know how important appearance is. In retail, the primary focus is on customer comfort and convenience, and a major resource to creating that is electricity.

From indoor and outdoor lights, security systems and surveillance, signage, brand image, and overall efficiency, much of your business runs on electricity and relies on its high-functioning systems.

Without safe and efficient electrical systems, your business simply cannot function. That’s why you must choose and work with a commercial electrical company that has the experience to match the caliber of your business.

Ensure your space is secure, productive, and welcoming for your customers, backed by electrical systems that guarantee your company’s smooth and continued operation. We’ll take care of the technical work so that you can focus on growing your business the way you need to.

Common Electrical Services We Offer:


We’re a small, woman-owned commercial electrical company based out of New York. Serving large retailers and companies all over the country wouldn’t be possible without our trusted network of vendors and subcontractors. We’ve formed incredible relationships with professionals of varying backgrounds, trained them, learned with them, and, together, we deliver expert electrical services.

This network of vetted professionals is how we’re able to service businesses nationwide at a level of quality and reliability that you can count on. You’ll get the best electrical professionals in the industry, no matter where your business is located, and no matter the time crunch.

We’re always growing our network of partners as part of our mission to offer superior electric work throughout the US. By all of us sharing our knowledge, we can continue to help companies of all kinds run, grow, and maintain their success.

National Rollout Services

Time is of the essence when it comes to keeping your business one step ahead of your competitors. No matter what type of service your business needs, we have teams across the country, ready to mobilize quickly for your program. Your dedicated project manager will provide ongoing progress reports and provide you with one point of contact from start to finish.

Our multi-site enhancement services include but are not limited to:

Facilty Maintenance And Restoration Services

A proper maintenance of all electrical services helps keep your facility, headquarters, and business spaces in top shape and ready to do your brand justice at all times.

Whether it’s an emergency, a routine checkup, or a refresh of your electrical systems, we help you maintain a high-quality appareance and function with both interior and exterior facility maintenance services.

Our team of facilty experts is ready to handle any of your needs fast and on budget with customized solutions.

How It Works

If you own a retail or wholesale business, you need to make sure your electrical system is safe, up-to-date, and as efficient as possible so that your business runs uninterrupted. Whether you’re just building your retail space or renovating it, we get in, get the job done fast, and ensure that your investment makes sense.

1. Initial Consultation

Get in touch with us through our form or a phone call and let us know your business’s electrical needs. We get back to you for a phone consultation to gather more details about your project and, if necessary, schedule an on-site consultation.

2. Work Is Scheduled

We work with your schedule and find the best timeframe for your project so that your business continues to run smoothly. We offer quick turnaround services – if we’re doing a shutdown, we work nights and weekends so that you can resume your activity as soon as possible.

3. Work Is Completed

Whatever your company’s electrical needs, get ready to experience a contracting service unlike any other. We make sure that every circuit and system is designed and installed with expert craftsmanship, and perfectly functions the way you need it to.

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