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We are an equal opportunity employer looking to hire driven and skilled tradesmen and professionals with a variety of backgrounds

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Making Electric Mastery Available For Anyone

At Jr. & J Electric, we enjoy working through challenges and coming through when nobody else can. Our team is formed of highly skilled craftsmen who take great pride in any electrical project, small or large.

We’re not a huge corporate conglomerate that focuses on making money fast while hiring cheap. Our mission is to grow our company with qualified people while staying true to our passion – delivering exceptional electric services.

We love helping our employees advance in life, both personally and professionally, so when you work with us, you’re part of a bigger plan. Most of all, we want to see our passion for this business passed along for years to come after we are gone.

Electricity is not a good ole’ boy’s club anymore. As a woman-owned business, we want to make this domain available to women, minorities, veterans, and anyone who has a passion for quality electrical work.

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