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Aiming For Electrical Perfection

When you’re the head of a corporation, you understand that having maximized, streamlined operations are at the core of business success. From safety guidelines and procedures, to empowered employees and an inspiring culture, to secure production and implementation – these are just a few aspects that must run smoothly to ensure an accomplished business.

The electrical processes within your business are a framework that, if not at 110%, has the potential to shut everything down. That’s why it’s a non-negotiable that they’re always working at full power, and if they’re not that the problem is fixed immediately. After more than 20 years in the electrical business, we at Jr. & J Electric understand this essential need for every business. And after servicing companies of all sizes and all industries, you get electrical services and knowledge that powers your business when and where it needs it most.

Whether you own a retail store or a wholesale location, a corporation or an institution, we’re passionate about providing comprehensive electrical, data, and fiber optic services and guidance, as well as long-term maintenance for a wide range of applications.

From National Retail Companies To Industrial Giants, We Wire Them All

With an in-house team of experts and professionals, you can expect us to high-perform at every step of the process, from start to finish, until your project is complete.

Just as it’s important to you to create and foster long-term relationships with your customers, it’s important to us to do the same with you and make sure you can continue to do it in your business. We’re people just like you, and appreciate communication and transparency being at the core of every successful project, in any industry. By leading with trust and mutual respect, this is what our customers and partners count on and expect when working with us.

All you have to do is share with us your needs, and then you can rest assured that all work will be executed and achieved within the parameters of your business’s operations at all times.

Our Electrical Services

From electrical installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and upgrades, we do it all with only the best in the industry.

Greenhouse Automation And Lighting Control

Retail Electrical Maintenance And Renovation

Data And Fiber Optic Maintenance And Renovation


If you own any type of business, you know better than anyone how important it is to keep things in motion. Unfortunately, you probably also know that sometimes things stop unexpectedly and that getting things back in motion isn’t always as easy as you would hope.

When it comes to your electrical issues, if it’s a small one, it’s a scramble to find an electrician that can quickly address it. If it’s a large electrical project, it’s a battle for the lowest or most sensible bid. In either case, you’re never quite sure who’s stepping through your doors and whether or not your best interests are at stake.

That’s why we’ve developed a national network of certified vendors and partners. No matter where you’re located, you have the advantage of working directly with a trusted, verified, and vetted contracting partner on-site.

We are also proudly woman-owned and diversity-oriented, headquartered in New York, and have worked with some of the largest retail companies in the US. With this, you’ll get the track record, background, and passion to see your business to success.

Save money with a company that’s genuinely invested in your best outcome. Have underlying issues identified to create long-term, sustainable solutions. Be consulted on electrical problem areas to optimize your processes and maximize your business’s potential. Power and empower your business with Jr. & J Electric.

How It Works

Have your business’s electrical needs handled by experts. Through our efficient process, we get in, get the job done fast, and ensure that your investment makes sense.

1. Initial Consultation

Get in touch with us through our form or a phone call and let us know your business’s electrical needs. We get back to you for a phone consultation to gather more details about your project and, if necessary, schedule an on-site consultation.

2. Work Is Scheduled

We work with your schedule and find the best timeframe for your project so that your business continues to run smoothly. We offer quick turnaround services – if we’re doing a shutdown, we work nights and weekends so that you can resume your activity as soon as possible.

3. Work Is Completed

Whatever your company’s electrical needs, get ready to experience business operations where every circuit and system is designed and installed with expert craftsmanship, and perfectly functions the way you need it to.

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